How it Works

Yes, you may file an appeal on your own, however, HouseAppeal.com monitors and analyzes your assessment every year and prepares the best case possible using proprietary technology designed specifically for appealing your assessment. HouseAppeal.com consists of a team of attorneys and paralegals focused on researching, preparing and filing appeals. We make appealing easier for you by carrying out the work on your behalf.

  • Single-family homes
  • Apartment buildings
  • Multi-family
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

We charge a contingency fee of 33% based on the first year’s tax savings. If there are no savings, there are no fees.

  • Entity/Ownership of the property
  • Address of the property
  • Property Identification Number (PIN). This can be found on your tax bill.
  • Contact information

Start Your Appeal Now

Each property has a unique filing deadline within the township that it is located. Decisions typically issue 3-5 months after the appeal is filed.

Cook County: There are several levels of appeal. If you missed the Assessor deadline, an appeal may still be possible with the Board of Review.

Lake County: Unfortunately, you will have to wait to appeal in the following year.

Yes, you may file an appeal every year. When you sign-up with HouseAppeal.com, we will automatically monitor and, if necessary, attempt to achieve a new or additional property tax reduction.

Assessed Value x Equalization Factor x Tax Rate = Property Taxes

How are your Property Taxes Calculated?

Your taxes are lower than they would have been, but for the appeal. However, reasons may include:

  • Assessments typically increase in reassessment years
  • The Tax Rate and/or Equalization Factor may have increased

Your neighbors’ property tax could be lower based on several factors:

  • Difference in the classification, age and/or size between properties
  • Applicable Exemptions - Homeowner, Senior, Senior Freeze, etc.