By: Mark Brown

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Cook County officials are sending an early warning that next year’s second-installment property tax bills will be seriously delayed — with a potential due date later than taxpayers have seen in a decade.

Officials say they are looking at a potential 2022 second-installment payment deadline in December — possibly even spilling into 2023. When tax bills are that late, the second installment can bump up against the first-installment bill for the following year, which typically goes out in January.

Cook County hasn’t faced this scenario since 2010, when tax bills were due to be paid by Nov. 1. Before then, tax bill due dates routinely missed the Aug. 1 legal deadline, with the latest, in 2009, coming Dec. 13. The impact is expected to be felt when local government officials find out they won’t be getting their tax money on time. is Sarnoff & Baccash’s brand-new single-family home property tax appeal portal using leading-edge technology to obtain the best possible outcome for your property.

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